We Are Here To CompletelyFix Your Dog In 30 Days

Our Fix Your Dog in 30 Days Program is a blueprint to our system of Dog Training that’s unlike anything ever created. It’s what makes S.M.A.R.T. Dog School unique and insanely different from any other dog trainers out there.
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Northern Kentucky Dog Trainer

All of our trainers are full time and certified professionals with over decades worth of experience
with dog behavioral issues such as disobedience and aggression.

On Leash Manners

Enjoying a nice walk with your dog on leash in public without them lunging...

Off Leash Obedience

Enjoying Hiking, Camping and Parks with your dog while enjoying full freedom...

House Manners

Enjoying an evening with guests and your dog while they relax instead of...

State of Mind

Enjoying social time with your dog in public around other dogs & people without...
At S.M.A.R.T. Dog School we offer dog owners a very unique and exclusive opportunity to enroll their canine in our elite and private “school” for dogs.