New Rates, Packages & Programs effective August 2017!!

Program Overview, Schedule & Pricing Structure

Option #1 – SMART Group Classes (5 Lessons). All classes are 60-90 Min.
This is the most cost effective method of Do It Yourself dog training. This is a high caliber training class that promotes high quality results. Upon graduation, you will have a clear understanding of how to effectively communicate with your dogs, Off-Leash, in highly distracting enviromnments! Paired with like minded individuals and a qualified trainer as your coach, you can start your dog on the right path to achieving your goals as a team.
Group Classes are capped at only 5 students to ensure personal attention with your instructor in order to see amazing results every class!

$495 per student

For clients that have the DIY mentality but want a more private training experience, our SUPER SMART PROGRAM would be the perfect fit. Our structured training program allows students and clients to progress rapidly while displaying amazing results including Off-Leash Obedience. We will work with you one-on-one to ensure success!!

$795 – 4 Private Lessons (60-90 min) (All sessions are 60-90 min.)

Option #3 Smart Boarding School

Dog training is very time consuming and repetition orientated. For clients that wish for a talented and experienced trainer to work with their student on a daily basis, our Boarding School Program may be the best fit of all. This program is where we keep your student anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on your goals and expectations. We have set up a very structured and intense program that produces consistent results including complete Off-Leash reliability!! We implement rules and boundaries while installing a relaxed mind that understands how to live peacefully with our species. The longer your dog is able to stay with us, the closer you dog will be to Off-Leash Perfection!

One Week $1250 (Mon-Fri)
Two Week $2350 (Starts on Mon-Ends on Fri)
Three Week $3450 (Starts on Mon-Ends on Fri)

NOTE – ALL new students will receive a SMART Dog School equipment package when they initially enroll in ANY program. ($300 Value) This package includes the following:

Mini Educator E-Collar
Training Collar
Nylon Collar
20 Foot Long Leash
Place Board
Treat Pouch

What will my dog learn at SMART DOG SCHOOL?

At SMART Dog School we teach the following Behavior Progression Protocol

Handler Focus “Lets Go”
Walk nicely on leash “Heel”
To Come when Called “Come”
Go to and Remain on a Mat “Place”
Sit with Implied Stay “Sit”
Down with Implied Stay “Down”
Go to Crate “Kennel”

Good Behavior Expectations encouraged with all SDS students!!
To wait at open doors
To not jump on visitors without permission
To not take (food/toys) without permission
Basic housebreaking skills
And much more…..

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