At Smart Dog School we specialize in Everyday “Real World” Dog Training as well as Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation.  We are not your typical “obedience” trainers.  We offer our clients a higher caliber of training that focuses on longevity and a true partnership with our clients and their families.

What will my dog learn at SMART DOG SCHOOL?                                                          While most dog trainers focus on “Cues or Commands” in efforts to control a dog’s behavior, at Smart Dog School we focus more on your dog’s State of Mind.  By this I mean we teach your dog how to make good choices.  Dogs always have a choice.  They only make bad ones when two things occur; they haven’t been taught the correct response or they are too stressed and anxious to respond correctly.  We teach dogs the correct behaviors to work in conjunction with our expectations.  For example, we focus on 3 CORE BEHAVIORS throughout our SDS Training Protocol.                                  1.  Walking politely on a leash and or off leash.

2.  Handler orientation and Coming when called.

3.  Sending away and remaining in a calm, relaxed stay.

Our canine students at SDS are surrounded by a heavily structured environment where simply daily activities such as feeding, walking, playing and even sleeping are strategically implemented to give the dog the ability relax and learn at an alarming pace.  Dogs thrive on consistency and structure.  When they are not able to predict the next human interaction or decision, the quickly develop anxiety that either leads to separation issues, fear and avoidance or in some cases, Aggression.  SDS CORE BEHAVIORS encompass all canine behaviors to some extent.
To obtain these CORE BEHAVIORS reliably, we focus on building their strength through 3 phases of training that occur during all of our SDS Programs.  These phases ensure reliably around distractions.  These phases are as follows:

1.  Conditioning Phase (Acquiring & Strengthening Behaviors)

2.  Proofing Phase (Performing Behaviors in Everyday Life with Distractions)

3.  Maintenance Phase (Short Duration Training at SDS & Home for LIFE)

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